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A masterfuly crafted technique make his voice easily recognizable, reminiscent of some of the greatest R&B, Soul and Gospel acts. He's sweeped through several talent shows, like last The Voice (Mexico) 5th edition, among more.

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Having grown in one of the most relevant cultural intersections, Jorge posits himself as an artist to keep an eye on. His work and determination have already put him on the spotlight, and the lyrics off his latest EP may only be the start of something bigger.

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From a multidisciplinary perspective, he has all that is necessary to turn an average song, into your next overplayed banger of the summer. Fluent in the audio and, even the marketing world, he's practically a one man army.

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Jorge Eduardo EP


Go Loco - Single


Algo Más


Lullaby - Single


Playera Oficial Go Loco

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Me, right now

As a mexican kid with a dream, raised conservative and having a pretty average childhood and adolescence —the latter of which, to be fair, was more than that thanks to my singing skills—, to this day, as an aspiring international artist: I can say I'm enyoing it. I'm already reaping the benefits of the effort I've put into my abilities as multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer.

So, growing up in a family of musicians, listening to my mom sing; me acting as the frontman of what could’ve been a boy band but didn’t realize; seeing my older brother Gil go right at this monster that is the music industry, these were no short of defining experiences in my life. Currently, I find myself switching time zones, performing at different venues between the US and Mexico, making some new, very talented friends in the process and, well, defining what an artist would call ‘his craft’. Because I’ve got something to say, you know? My country is not going through it’s best moment and so is most of the western culture –I mean, colombians are now at the forefront and they're just killin' it! But, fair enough. I mean, the culture of this country deserves better, we all do.

So yup, I'm in for the ride.